Super 30 : Movie Reviews, Show time, Cast & Crew

Super 30: Movie Reviews, Showtime, Cast & Crew

Super 30 Movie Review
Super 30 Movie Review

Super 30 is a Movies Which is Released on 12 July 2019. The Movie Get very Popular. In this movie, Hritik Roshan Acts a Character of Maths Teacher Anand Kumar. In this Movie, there is a Maths teacher name Anand Kumar which is very Intelligent and some coaching institute give them money to Teach Higher Class Students.

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But Anand Kumar, get out from these Coaching Centers and Give Education to the poor Students. Super 30 is a real Story based on Anand Kumar which formed a group Super 30 to teach poor Students in Patna, India.

Super 30 Movie Reviews - 

According to IMDb Website, it gives the 8.5/10 rating to this Movie-

And According to Google, this Movie is Liked by 96% Of People.
This Movie Get Famous Because of Hritik Roshan.
People Find this Movie Very interesting.

Super 30 Movie Earns 11 Crore On the First Day. Super 30 Movie is Making a Large Profit Daily. The Profit of the Super 30 on Day 18 is 125.95 crore.

Super 30 Cash and Crew - 

Directed By      -      Vikas Bahi
Writing Credit -      Sanjeev Dutta

Cast - 

  • Hritik Roshan  -  Anand Kumar
  • Mrunal Thakur  -  Supriya
  • Anjali Chakrani -  Principle
  • Nandish Singh   -  Pranav Kumar
  • Virendra Saxana -  Rajendra Kumar ( Father of Anand Kumar)
  • Sadhana Singh   -   Jayanti Kumar (Mother Of Anand Kumar)\
  • Aditya Shrivastav  - Lallan Singh
  • Pankaj Tripathi   -   Ram Singh

Music By - 

  • Ajay gogavale
  • Atul gogavale

Super 30 Release Dates - 

In India Super 30 movie is released on 12 July 2019.

  • Switzerland  -  12 July 2019
  • Denmark      -  12 July 2019
  • Spain            -  12 July 2019
  • Ireland          -  12 July 2019
  • USA             -   12 July 2019
  • Finland        -    12 July 2019

People Reviews On Super 30 Movie - 

1. Piyush Joshi - Super 30 is a nice attempt by director Vikas Bahl to highlight a big social issue of the society. The first half of the movie performs really well with very impressive storytelling and direction. There are moments which can surely bring tears to one's eyes.

2. Kundan Singh - This movie is inspirational and based on a true story of the life of Mr. Anand Kumar, who is a super mathematician and running coaching named 'Super 30'. Anand Kumar was himself from a very poor family who faced so many difficulties during his study.

3. Govind - Super 30 is a biographical film directed by Vikas Bahl and based on the life story of an Indian mathematician Anand Kumar and his program super 30. Hrithik Roshan is the lead actor in this movie. The soundtrack of this movie is by Ajay Atul.

4. Sudeep - Super 30 film is based on the real story of great mathematician Mr. Anand Kumar. The story is about the struggle life of Anand Kumar. Director Vikas Behl has perfectly shown the entire struggle of his life like how does he study?

5. Ganesh - Hello friends, I would like to share my favorite actor Hrithik Roshan movies. What're great movies Super 30. This is a genius man story, this is the depend on mathematics.

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Overall Super 30 Movie Review - 

Conclusion - 

You should Watch Super 30 Movie. Here I have Provided you the Super 30 movie Review. I have Provided the latest Reviews and Information in this Super 30 Movie Review

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